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Lisbon Challenge is an international 10 week acceleration program for ambitious tech startups in one of the most exciting startup capitals.

Onboarding week. Focused on founders & startup life cycle.

Intensive acceleration with workshops & mentoring. Focused on execution. Elimination phase.

Hands-off acceleration. Weekly goals with star mentor. Focused on growth.

Fundraising preparation. Ends with Demo Day.

Network of over 350 startups. Support in investment, network & exposure. Access to roadshow.

Our 160 alumni startups have raised over 50 million euros, we got 3 alumni at YCombinator, 7 at Seedcamp, 1 in tech stars and 40% of alumni got invested.

What’s going on

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Key Dates


10 MAY 2016 – 15 JUL 2016

To be considered for the Fall’16 edition you should apply by July 15 2016. In case you’re selected, there is an enrolment fee.


JUL 2016

The selection process will consist of: initial evaluation and online interviews (with internal and external juries)


05 SEP – 05 DEC 2016

Welcome to Lisbon Challenge! Here you will have access to workshops, mentoring and events on top of an amazing Lisbon experience


Meet your mentors

Lisbon Challenge has more than 200 mentors and investors dedicated to help your startup grow.

More Mentors

It’s really refreshing to have accelerators in the mix now that can help people understand what it takes to be a startup, how to be a startup, how to speak to investors, how to pitch to investors, how to talk to customers and how to get feedback.
Paul Ford, SendGrid
With today’s economic crisis raging throughout Europe, initiatives like the Lisbon Challenge for startups, investment, innovation and entrepreneurship are really important.
William Stevens, Europe Unlimited
Lisbon Challenge can become the European Y Combinator.
Michael Selbel, YCombinator
Lisbon Challenge connected us with world class mentors and investors, provided us with the environment to push our startups to the next level, gave us lasting friendships and professional contacts, but most of all, we got to work hard and play harder in the fantastic city of Lisbon!
Ali Ahmed, Lutebox
The true value of the LC lies in its Mentors network, their input and feedback is invaluable.
Benjamin Djid, Revstr
Lisbon Challenge is like a practical accelerated MBA for entrepreneurs. It exposes your team and idea to a lot of feedback from mentors, prospective customers, media attention (we got 14 media features so far, including TV!) and accelerates the speed of your business by 10 times.
Diogo Ortega, PharmAssitant
Working with all the teams from different countries, different cultures, different points of view, their feedback was extremely important and helpful. Plus, we got 17 media mentions since we got in.
Filipe Freitas, Here We Go
The Lisbon Challenge Accelerator program was extremely valuable for Speecheo. Thanks to the the insane quantity and quality of mentors they have, in addition to the speakers and CEOs that we could reach, we made impressive progress.
Raphael Harmel, Speecheo

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Lisbon’s heart is in San Francisco-style startups.
Lisbon Challenge gathers in the Portuguese capital 75 startups, and more than 200 international mentors and investors.
The Lisbon Challenge accelerated 74 early-stage tech startups from around the world (Europe, US, India, Brazil, Chile, and more) and brought the 10 best companies they found to New York City for this program.
VentureOut NY
Queremos tornar Lisboa a Capital das startups na Europa.
Os resultados muito positivos do Turismo em Portugal só se manterão se continuarmos a inovar e a adaptar rapidamente às constantes mudanças que afetam o comportamento dos viajantes. É por isto que o Turismo de Portugal se associa com muito prazer a mais um Tourism Day do Lisbon Challenge.
O ecossistema de empreendedorismo português evoluiu muito nos últimos quatro anos. E a Europa está atenta.
I can’t recall an event in Portugal with that many investors at the same place.
Portugal Startups


150k€ in perks and no equity taken.

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